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LionessKenya is a country with contrasting habitats and scenery, from the long stretches of Indian Ocean coast in the East to the Western rainforest and from the Northern deserts through the central highland forest and down to the rolling grasslands of the Maasai Mara in the South. This diverse geography means that it has an equally diverse ecology with a vast range of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. While it is possibly best known for its big cats it is also home to a range of other animals and on these pages we have tried to show a number of Kenya's "beasts".

Baby VervetMuch of our time in Kenya is spent watching and photographing the birds and we have a sister site Kenya Birds which provides extensive information on Kenya's fascinating bird life. This site is a bit less detailed but we hope it provides information and photos of animals which people will find useful and interesting. However we aren't specialists in Kenyan wildlife so if any of our identifications are off-beam please let us know. And if anyone out there knows which particular species of Skink or Chameleon we have included then we'll be glad to hear from you.

CheetahIf you're trying to find information on a particular bird, animal, location or anything else you can search both this site and Kenya Birds with a single search. Hints: if you're looking for more than one word use a + in front of the words to limit results to pages that have all the words, african black duck will get about 90 hits, +african +black +duck will only get about 8 hits. If you're looking for a name or phrase, try putting it in quotes, "african black duck" will find only 4 or 5 pages. Some very common words such as animal have been excluded from the search to avoid returning every single page in the results.

ElephantPlease note that all of the photographs on these pages are copyright © P&H HARRIS and may not be used, edited or reproduced in any way without our permission. We hope the pages are useful and we would appreciate any feedback you may have. If you have any comments or questions then please email us.

Recent additions to the site, Striped Hyena, Eland, Lesser Kudu, Grant's Gazelle, Serrated Hinged Terrapin plus 4 Butterflies, a Dragonfly and a Spider - February 2004.

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